Defense & Security


Defense & Security

The RAPTOR™ suite serves as an indispensable tool for Defense and Security forces by seamlessly integrating Combat Doctrine and Training Transformation. This critical synergy forms the foundation of RAPTOR™'s unparalleled expertise in providing cutting-edge digital solutions for Defense and Security Training. Leveraging this profound understanding, RAPTOR™ empowers organizations to undergo a seamless digital transformation, enhancing their capabilities and readiness for the ever-evolving landscape of defense and security operations.

Ground Forces

In today's dynamic landscape, modernizing land forces training is imperative for staying ahead of emerging threats and ensuring operational readiness. With RAPTOR™, you gain access to state-of-the-art, fully automated training doctrines designed to prepare your ground forces for multi-domain operations and future threat scenarios.

Our innovative approach leverages advanced big data capture and exploitation technologies to optimize training output and demonstrate its effectiveness. From individual readiness to collective preparedness for large-scale ground conflicts, RAPTOR™ equips your forces with the skills and capabilities needed to excel in any scenario.

Moreover, our comprehensive solutions address the intricate training needs of a multi-discipline war theatre, including seamless integration of C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) and Mobile Electronic Warfare Technology. With RAPTOR™, you can be confident that your training requirements are not just met but exceeded, ensuring your ground forces are primed for success in today's complex operational environments.


RAPTOR™ stands as the premier suite in the market tailored specifically for Airforce Training, covering the spectrum from Basic Indoctrination Cadet Training to the rigorous demands of Air Force Special Operations Command Advanced Skills Training. Our suite is meticulously crafted to cater to the intricate and evolving needs of advanced Airforce operations.

With RAPTOR™, Airforce entities can efficiently define, qualify, and leverage both human and non-human training assets to achieve peak readiness levels. Our advanced data science capabilities, driven by cutting-edge AI and ML technologies, provide invaluable insights into training performance.

By harnessing RAPTOR™'s predictive analytics, Airforce units can anticipate potential risks and proactively implement corrective measures, ensuring missions are executed with precision and adherence to defined objectives. RAPTOR™ is the indispensable partner for Airforce entities striving for excellence in training and operational readiness.

Naval Forces

RAPTOR™ has emerged as the unrivaled choice for comprehensive Naval Training across diverse disciplines, making it the preferred system for modern and expansive naval fleets.

Training Naval Forces demands a nuanced approach that accommodates the distinctive requirements of various platforms, including Warships, Underwater systems, and Airwing units. Despite these differences, the overarching objective remains the same: to uphold readiness and proficiency across the entire naval domain.

RAPTOR™ excels in seamlessly integrating these disparate training needs, harmonizing them in an optimal manner to equip the Navy for the complexities of modern multi-discipline war theaters. Our solution ensures that every aspect of naval training, from surface to subsurface operations and aerial combat readiness, is addressed with precision and effectiveness, positioning the Navy for success in any operational scenario.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

RAPTOR™ is the premier solution for meeting the diverse curricula demands of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), encompassing training for Remote Pilots, Sensor Operators, and Maintenance Engineers.

Our suite's Competency-Based Curriculum, paired with sophisticated Grading and Evaluation Modules, is perfectly tailored to address the unique intricacies of UAS training. This ensures that personnel are equipped with the precise skills and knowledge required for optimal performance in their respective roles.

Additionally, RAPTOR™'s Mission Training Analysis capabilities offer invaluable insights into potential risks, enabling proactive mitigation strategies. By leveraging advanced analytics, we empower UAS operators to enhance mission readiness and safety, further solidifying RAPTOR™'s position as the foremost choice for UAS training solutions.