Unlock the Power of Immersive XR Content with AEPL's Robust Services

AEPL proudly presents its robust Immersive XR Services practice, delivering mission-critical training solutions that redefine the way organizations approach skill development. With a focus on enhancing training quality while reducing costs and time, AEPL's XR services practice stands apart from its unique ability to combine immersive experiences with performance measurement, ensuring unparalleled outcomes for our clients.

Key Features of AEPL's XR Services:

  • Comprehensive Training Experience: AEPL's XR services practice offers a comprehensive training experience, seamlessly integrating augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies to cater to distinct phases of training.
  • Tailored Immersive Technologies: Our team understands that different training scenarios require specific immersive technologies, ranging from partially sensory inputs to fully immersive virtuality. AEPL ensures that the right technology is utilized to maximize training effectiveness.
  • Balancing Realism and Safety: AEPL's XR services significantly reduce the trade-off between virtual and live training, allowing organizations to train for mission-critical, unsafe, difficult, and non-repeatable scenarios in a safe and cost-effective manner. We ensure that realism is not sacrificed, providing realistic training experiences while prioritizing safety.
  • Practice and Test Modes: Our XR solutions cater to both practice and test modes, allowing trainees to simulate real-world scenarios and test their skills in a controlled environment, leading to enhanced performance and confidence.

Courseware development & Upgrade

New courseware development or refurbishing hours of your legacy training content to be able to run on every device and capture experience of the trainee - we do it all !!

xAPI is an industry standard to transform content from communicating mere progress status of a trainee to experience of a trainee.

AEPL developed tools that have the ingenuity to automatically convert your legacy content and make them compliant with xAPI standard. This will save millions of dollars in costs and bring freshness and life back into your legacy content.

Experience API (or xAPI) makes it possible to collect wide range of experiences data of trainee in both online and offline learning environments. AEPL uses full functionality of xAPI to capture data from multiple (heterogeneous) learning streams in a standard format for both individual or group’s training activities to securely communicate by capturing and sharing this stream of activities using xAPI’s simple vocabulary.

  • Taking e-learning outside of the web browser
  • E-learning in native mobile applications
  • More control over learning content
  • Solid security using OAuth.
  • Platform transition: e.g., start e-learning on a mobile device, finish it on a computer.
  • The ability to track games and simulations.
  • The ability to track real-world performance.
  • Team-based e-learning
  • Tracking learning plans and goals

Maximize Readiness with AEPL's Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management Solutions

In the pursuit of operational readiness, effective management of infrastructure throughout its life cycle is paramount. AEPL offers comprehensive Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management solutions, providing organizations with the tools and insights needed to ensure timely training, certification, and maintenance of fixed and mobile infrastructure assets.

Key Features of AEPL's Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management Solutions:

  • Centralized Database Management: AEPL's solutions maintain a centralized training infrastructure database, housing critical details such as ownership, certifications, regulatory compliance, validity periods, configurability specifications, and characteristics. This centralized repository ensures easy access to essential information for decision-making and compliance purposes.
  • Human Resources Certification Management: AEPL's solutions seamlessly integrate human resources certification with infrastructure, ensuring that personnel assigned to infrastructure maintenance possess the necessary skills and qualifications. This alignment enhances efficiency and effectiveness in maintenance activities.
  • Workflow Management: AEPL's solutions streamline the workflow of human resources involved in infrastructure maintenance activities, from demand-driven configuration changes and defect resolution to periodic overhauls. Automated escalations ensure prompt resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing readiness.
  • External Customer/User Accessibility: AEPL's solutions provide external customers and users with convenient infrastructure availability and booking options, facilitating seamless coordination and utilization of training assets.
  • Inventory Management: AEPL's solutions include robust inventory management features, enabling organizations to track consumables and reusable materials associated with training infrastructure, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.
  • Analytics Reporting: AEPL's solutions offer comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analytics-based reporting capabilities, providing stakeholders with actionable insights into infrastructure utilization, performance, and maintenance trends.

Unlock Seamless Integration and Maximize Your Investment with RAPTOR™'s API-Based Interface Services

RAPTOR™'s Training Management System offers cross-tool integration capabilities, allowing you to optimize your investment and streamline operations. Our API-based interface services provide a seamless connection to various technologies, databases, and protocols, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across your organization's ecosystem.

Key Features of RAPTOR™'s API-Based Interface Services:

  • Effortless Integration: RAPTOR™'s API-based interface services are designed to seamlessly blend with any technology, database, or protocol, simplifying the integration process and eliminating compatibility concerns.
  • Boilerplate Code Autogeneration: Save time and resources with RAPTOR™'s API, which auto-generates standard boilerplate code in over 20 languages based on your API's design. This feature allows you to focus solely on your API's core business logic, accelerating development cycles and enhancing efficiency.
  • Built-In Code Generator: Our platform includes a built-in code generator, empowering API consumers with a self-service mechanism to download SDKs effortlessly. This self-service approach enhances user experience and facilitates rapid adoption of your API.
  • Virtualization of External Dependencies: By virtualizing external dependencies in API development, RAPTOR™'s services enable you to save time and money while ensuring seamless interaction with services defined in your API contract. This approach promotes faster development cycles and fosters better collaboration among teams.